20140401 Meeting Notes

Jamespage pointed out that “we are in freeze – release team are reviewing all uploads to main components; universe still going through on auto BUT you still need FFe’s for major bumps un function.”

Beisner is running iso tests and has found some regressions in maas (bug 1298559). Everyone who has time is encouraged to go through iso tests – “find and fix bugs, test isos, deploy openstack, run clouds, test stuff and MAKE IT GREAT” (-Jamespage).

Everyone is asked to make sure their blueprints are uptodate.

Psivaa pointed out that lvm d-i installs are currently failing (bug 1300072). Beisner points out “workaround is F4 to minimal installation, then it proceeds.”.

Hallyn asked that anyone using qemu in trusty give the 2.0 candidate (in ppa:ubuntu-virt/candidate) a go, as we are hoping to push that into trusty the moment upstream pushes the release.

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