RFC: Amazon Web Services client libraries

The Ubuntu Server team is looking for feedback on which AWS client libraries should be made available as part of Ubuntu. Making it easy to develop applications that use AWS and  UEC services is one of the goal of the Ubuntu Server team. The AWS client libraries blueprint focuses on listing existing projects and then choose which ones should be packaged for Lucid.

If you know of great projects in PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java (or any other platform)  that help using AWS and UEC services such as EC2 or S3 make a note of them in the wiki page (preferred choice) or by leaving a comment below.


One Response to “RFC: Amazon Web Services client libraries”

  1. As a ruby developer, i’d really like to see the rightscale library rightaws.

    You can find more infos here: http://rightaws.rubyforge.org/

    Thanks for asking!

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