May in the archive: a view from the Ubuntu Server team

A few days after Jaunty was pushed out of the door the new release cycle was opened soon after. Karmic repositories were set up and syncing packages from Debian unstable started. A lot of developers were busy preparing and attending UDS in Barcelona during the month of May. It didn’t prevent them to start merging packages from Debian. Here are some highlights from the archive:

No-change rebuild to gain FORTIFY defaults

kees has been busy uploading packages for no-change rebuilds. Intrepid saw the integration of some compiler hardening which are only applied if the package is rebuilt with the new toolchain. TheĀ  goal here is to have all packages in main rebuilt by the next LTS release to gain all the fortify defaults.

MIT krb5 update

mathiaz synced the latest release of MIT kerberos from unstable. Version 1.7 brings amongst other things an improved compatibility with Microsoft Windows and the drop of version 4 of the Kerberos protocol. The upload of 1.7 also started a library transition: libkrb53 has been replaced by libkrb5-3. A lot of packages in main and universe need to be rebuilt so that krb5 1.6 can be removed from the karmic repository. The transition is still ongoing: while most of packages in main have been transitioned, universe still needs a lot of work.

pure-ftpd update

A new version of pureftpd (1.0.22) has found its way into karmic: the LDAP authentication backend now supports TLS encryption and TLS encryption is available on data channels. MySQL 5 stored procedures can now be used in the authentication process.

ufw in debian

ufw, the Ucomplicated Firewall, made his way to Debian unstable. Available since Hardy in Ubuntu ufw finally landed in Debian unstable with the help of kees. This frontend for iptables is particularly well-suited for host-based firewalls and is now available to the broader Debian community.

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