Likewise Open 5.0 available in Jaunty

By popular demand, Likewise Open 5.0 – which provides authentication services for Active Directory Domains  – is now available in Jaunty! This release brings key improvements through a complete rewrite of the underlying services:

  • New threaded authentication service (lsassd) results in improved system responsiveness under heavy load, faster online/offline detection for mobile users
  • Inclusion of idmap compatibility plugins for Samba 3 file and print servers
  • DCE/RPC support for TCP, UDP, and Named Pipes transports
  • New auditing and logging service (eventlogd) using sqlite3 as the storage engine
  • New domain controller location service (netlogond)

This was released in Jaunty as a separate set of packages named likewise-open5. The reason behind this was that Likewise Open does not support (yet) upgrading from 4.1 to 5.0 without forcing systems to rejoin the domain. Since this operation requires Windows Domain Administrator credentials that may or may not be available at upgrade time it was considered better to let the two versions co-exist in 9.04, with likewise-open (4.1) in main and likewise-open5 (5.0) in universe.

Try it out by running:

sudo apt-get install likewise-open5

Warning: If likewise-open is already installed this will result in the removal of the Likewise Open 4.1 packages and make the system leave the AD domain! Both 4.1 and 5.0 should behaves the same way. An Active Directory domain can be joined using the GUI (likewise-open5-gui) or the CLI tool:

sudo domainjoin-cli join Administrator AdminPassword

The likewise-open5 packages are quite new and have been added late in the release process. Testing and reporting any bugs (especially regressions fro 4.1) to Launchpad is welcome!

8 Responses to “Likewise Open 5.0 available in Jaunty”

  1. Cool stuff.

    BTW: Will Ubuntu server support OpenArchive in 9.10 (new open source code of a commercial product ). Or will you wait for it to land in Debian Sid?

  2. What *is* it? Some people reading Planet Ubuntu have never heard of “Likewise Open”.

  3. I see Debian doesn’t yet contain likewise open. We are supposed to respect our upstreams, please fix that.

  4. […] make it a snap to integrate an Ubuntu system in an AD environment. Thierry Carrez uploaded the latest version to the Ubuntu universe. Version 5 has seen many architectural changes: gone is the monolithic […]

  5. Will 5.1 be available also on 8.10?

  6. I installed Likewise-open 5.0 in Jaunty and it worked as expected, apart from samba integration, that does not work at all out of the box.

    The reason: likewise supports samba up to version 3.0.x while Jaunty comes with samba 3.3.2

    Likewise Samba ADS based integration gives unresolved symbols when used with this samba version.

    The solution: get the samba 3.0.34 source bundle from samba site, build it and then configure as advised in

    Now I have ADS based authentication for both ssh and samba shares.

    Anybody knows a faster way ?

  7. MDM, could you by any chance tellme how you got 3.0.34 compiled in jaunty, I am having major issues with it.

    It compiles fine, and even seems to install fine, but it is in fact not working, smbd and nmbd services will not start.

    I am using a server with Samba pre-installed on it, which I removed then tried 3.0.34, could that be the issue?

    (I can revert to a new install, but was trying to avoid)

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