Server Team 20090217 meeting minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs here.

Update ServerGuide for Jaunty

sommer listed all the sections that needed to be reviewed on the wiki page. Help in testing and giving feedback is welcome.

Postfix and Dovecot integration

mathiaz announced that ivoks’ work on integrating dovecot and postfix had been uploaded. Everything planned for Jaunty has now been implemented.

ScottK mentioned that clamav 0.95 was due out soon and there was a chance it would make it into jaunty post-FF. 0.94.2 is also available from the hardy-backports repository and should be available from dapper-backports soon too.

ACTION: ivoks to create a wiki page for ideas about improving the mail server task post-jaunty.

Power management

kirkland gave a brief overview of the power management state for server hardware: powernowd is installed by default on -server systems to enable cpu freq scaling. Relevant packages for suspend/hibernate and resume by WoL have also been added to the -server iso. He is mainly interested in feedback on hardware where suspend/hibernate can be verified as (not) working.

He also mentioned that he created a ssh wrapper, which pings first to see if a host is alive. If not a wakeonlan request is sent and after 3 seconds the wrapper tries to login into the machine again. His machines wake from suspend when he needs them and it only takes about 3 seconds for them to wake up which is lot faster than ~60seconds to boot.

He plans to do more tests about power consumption.

ACTION: kirkland to blog about using suspend/resume for servers.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 24th at 16:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

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