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An improved mail server stack in Jaunty: Dovecot and Postfix integration

Posted in Call for testing, Ubuntu Server on Friday, 13 February 2009 by Robbie

A session during last UDS was dedicated to improving the mail server stack available in Ubuntu Server. One of the item that came out of the discussion was a better integration between postfix and dovecot. Ante Karamatic worked on implementing it for Jaunty and his results have been uploaded.

To test it all you need is a jaunty system and install the dovecot-postfix package. Once the installation has completed the following configuration will be available:

SASL authentication for smtp services

Postfix is automatically configured to use Dovecot’s SASL authentifcation daemon. Remote SMTP clients can be authenticated to the Postfix SMTP server using the Dovecot user database. The same credentials (username/password, kerberos) can be used for accessing imap, pop3 and smtp services.

Dovecot deliver as the default Local Delivery Agent

postfix will use Dovecot’s deliver command to distribute incoming email to the end user’s mailbox using the Maildir format. Combining Dovecot deliver support for sieve scripts and the managesieve service enabled by default a complete server-side mail filtering solution is available out of the box.

Tls for smtp  services

Tls is made available for smtp and smtpd services provided by postfix while imap and pop3 are available via ssl. Security hasn’t been left out of the picture.

So if you’re interested in a integrated mail stack providing a combination of smtp, imap, pop3 and managesieve services the Jaunty Jackalope will suit you. Have a look at it, test it and with one simple command:

apt-get install dovecot-postfix

Let know the Ubuntu Server teamabout your suggestions and comments.