Server Team 20090210 meeting minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs here.

SRU for ebox

mathiaz reported that the relevant ebox packages for the intrepid SRU had been uploaded to the intrepid-proposed pocket. They’re waiting to be accepted by the archive team.

Screen profiles

kirkland announced that a new version of the screen-profile package had been uploaded to the archive. Some new features have been added (ec2-cost estimator for the status bar) as well as the usual round of bug fixes. He considers screen-profiles to be feature complete for Jaunty. A PPA has been created to provide screen and screen-profiles packages for intrepid and hardy. Testing is welcome.

Update ServerGuide for Jaunty

sommer mentioned that a few sections of the server guide had been updated. The list is kept in a wiki page and updated sections are marked as needing a review. Help in doing so would be appreciated.

ACTION: sommer to ping mdke about keeping up-to-date

ACTION: sommer to mark all relevant section as Needs review rather then Done

Postfix and Dovecot integration

ivoks gave a status of the dovecot/postfix integration planned for jaunty. The goal is to have postfix use the dovecot lda, provide SASL authentication via dovecot and use maildir as the default mail store. After some discussion it was suggested to provide a different dovecot configuration file (dovecot-postfix.conf) and modify dovecot’s init script to use it if available instead of the default configuration file.

ACTION: ivoks to prepare a debdiff implementing the proposed solution.

Power management

kirkland noted that cpu frequently scaling was not enabled in a default server install. He asked whether powernowd should be installed by default by a server install. soren pointed to a thread on ubuntu-server discussing this topic.

kirkland also reported on his suspend and hibernate tests with server hardware: all of them worked beautifully. In the process he wrote up a MIR for the wakeonlan package. He is looking for volunteers to test suspend and hibernate on server hardware.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 17th at 16:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

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