January in the archive: a view from the Ubuntu Server team

Mail services

dkim was added during the Intrepid release cycle. Work keeps being done by Scott Kitterman to keep the milter support up-to-date: dkim-milter, pymilter, pymilter-milters have been updated to the latest upstream version in Jaunty.


Soren Hansen has uploaded a new version of the libvirt package. Amongst bug fixes the version available in Jaunty brings support for openvz. A patch to support opennebula has also been added but is not enabled yet. The related tool virt-viewer has also been updated and provides a Mozilla plugin package. The tools used to interact with EC2 have been updated to the latest version released by Amazon while the latest version of virtualbox-ose made its way to the Jaunty archive. The 2.1 version brings better support for 64 bit systems as well as full VMDK/VHD support including snapshots.

Collaboration tools

moinmoin has been updated to a new major version. The 1.8 version brings in a major GUI editor upgrade, a new theme in addition to the usual round of bug fixes.


MySQL 5.0.75 is available in main while MySQL 5.1.30 is in universe. Some more work is still needed to make the latter fully working. One of the new feature provided by MySQL 5.1 is the embedded server library. libmysqld is already used by the new version of the Amarok music player shipped by the Kubuntu team in Jaunty.

Clustering support

redhat-cluster has been updated to the latest alpha2 release of the 3.0 branch. This soon-to-be-stable third generation of the code includes a new conga interface – the graphical tool to manage clusters. Related dependencies such as openais and corosync have also been updated.


Multiple uploads include the work done by Dustin Kirkland and Nicolas Barcet. After some discussions on the ubuntu-server mailing the default escape sequence has been changed back to ctrl-a. A few scripts have also been added to provide more information: a memory count script and a load average script. The common key bindings are using the F-keys to ensure that they work in both gnome-terminal and the tty console. A screen-profile-helper has been added to allow the selection of profiles as well as to install screen by default.

Squid proxy

The default configuration has been updated to better support apt repository caching: the cached object size has been increased so that big packages are properly cached. The Release and the Package file are also kept for a longer period of time.


The tomcat6 package has seen the addition of a webapp auto-deployment feature to handle application load and unloads. One of the consequence is that installing webapp packages doesn’t stop tomcat6 processes anymore.

Uncomplicated Firewall

The 0.26 version has seen the addition of a new REJECT functionality. debconf questions have also been added to enable the firewall and set some basic rules. This is the first step towards integration of ufw in the installer.

2 Responses to “January in the archive: a view from the Ubuntu Server team”

  1. We also have a new Python module for DKIM signing and verification, python-dkim.

  2. The dkim apt-get failed for me on Ubuntu 8.10:
    root@li24-193:/usr/share/txmail/smtpclient# apt-get install python-dkim
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Couldn’t find package python-dkim

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