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Server Team 20081202 meeting minutes

Posted in Ubuntu Server meeting minutes on Tuesday, 2 December 2008 by Robbie

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs here.

MySQL 5.1 in Jaunty

ScottK mentioned that the next version of amarok (music player for KDE) would require MySQL 5.1 as it uses the embedded mysql library (which is not available in 5.0). He also added that akonadi (PIM manager for KDE) used MySQL 5.0 for now. zul and mathiaz reported that they had been working on merging 5.1 from experimental. However the test suite isn’t successfully run during the build process. There was some discussion about supporting both 5.1 and 5.0 in main. jdstrand from the security team strongly suggested to not do that. mathiaz also mentioned that a senior MySQL developer blogged about the poor quality of MySQL 5.1 now that it has been declared stable for production use (GA) by upstream.

ACTION: zul to document the library transition requirement for mysql 5.1

ACTION: mathiaz to look into test build failures of mysql 5.1

split in multiple sub pages

nijaba reported that the KVM wiki page in the community help site starts to get to big and suggested to split its content in multiple sub-pages.

ACTION: nijaba to add an item about KVM wiki page restructure on the Roadmap and list the new structure

Encrypted home: beta available

kirkland reported that encrypted home directory was working well. He asked for more testing and wrote a post covering how to setup a user with an encrypted home directory. nijaba asked about performances. kirkland said he had conducted some basic benchmarks and was interested in a more extensive performance test.

ACTION: kirkland to create a wiki page for encrypted home directories

UDS and beers

kirkland asked who was going to be at UDS. While this mini-survey was conducted mathiaz reminded that dendrobates would buy any server team member a beer if they found him at UDS. He also added that his LP account had a picture of him.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Because of UDS it was decided to cancel the meeting for next week.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 16th at 16:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.