Ubuntu Server survey launched

The Server Team wants to know where does Ubuntu Server fit in your IT environment. Members of the Server team devised a set of questions to better understand where and why you are using Ubuntu Server to support your IT infrastructure. Completing the survey takes around 20 minutes and topics such as hardware, virtualization and system integration are covered.

Co-sponsored by RedMonk Research, the survey will help prioritize feature requests, guide partnerships when choosing new technologies and provide input for the next Ubuntu Developer Summit in December 2008. Make your voice heard, shape the future of Ubuntu Server, take the survey !


5 Responses to “Ubuntu Server survey launched”

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  2. That read monkey must have very special monkey arithmetic, because to all my answers it repeats:

    “The answer to the security question is incorrect”.

  3. @irgendeinder: This sounds like an issue with a proxy not relaoding the image when it should. In Firefox, you can force a reload of images using and click on the reload button.

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