July in the archive – a view from the Ubuntu Server Team

Another month passed on the road to the Intrepid Ibex. Two alpha releases have been pushed out the door and the Debian Import Freeze has been in effect for one month. Does this mean that the intrepid archive has been quiet ? Not really… Here are some highlights for the month of July:

DKIM verification is on by default

For those of you that deploy mail servers we’ve added another component for your spam fighting toolbox: DomainKeys Identified Mail. As mentioned earlier this month more testing of this new feature is welcome.

Default ssl virtual host in apache2

Amongst other things the apache2 package comes now with a default ssl virtual host. One more step closer to add support for SNI.

Improved autochanger support in Bacula

The new version of Bacula – 2.4.1 – comes with a major rewrite of the storage daemon autochanger and reservation code. Those of you using multiple drive autochangers should see more reliable operations.

Openldap update

The new upload saw an update to 2.4.10 and also the package renamed from openldap23 to openldap. It should bring in more stability (especially in the replication sub-system) and less confusion for the end user as to which version of openldap they’re running.

Smartcard support in Openvpn

The new package reenables PKCS#11 support.

Samba 3.2

At the begining of the month the Samba team released version 3.2. Shortly after it was uploaded to the archive. Lots of new features have been added: clustered file server support, encrypted network transport, ipv6 support and better integration with the latest version of Microsoft Windows© clients and servers. It should also be noted that Samba 3.2 is licensed under the GPLv3.

One Response to “July in the archive – a view from the Ubuntu Server Team”

  1. Slight update on the dkim testing …

    I’ve removed the packages from my PPA (in fact I’ve deleted all the PPA packages in PPAs I run). I think that until the current wave of DNS cache poisoning attacks has been beaten down asking people to install software from unsigned repositories is not responsible.

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