DKIM verification enabled by default in Ubuntu Server

Things are moving fast in the mail server area. As outlined in the mail server post one of the new feature targeted for intrepid is DKIM integration. Scott Kitterman uploaded the last bits to the intrepid archive and announced that amavisd-new has DKIM verification enabled by default. He is also providing packages for hardy in his PPA.

And this is how you can help out:

Test DKIM support under real workloads

Install an intrepid or hardy test server and run this setup against a mail stream of some volume. Don’t forget to report any issue you encounter. If everything goes smoothly drop a message to Scott and the ubuntu server team – it’s always appreciated when we know that new features are working correctly.

Document DKIM support in the Ubuntu Server Guide

Review the instructions from the Mail Filtering section in the Ubuntu Server Guide. If you see anything that needs to be updated create your own Ubuntu Server Guide bzr branch, update the section and submit it for review to the Documentation Team.

Scott gave more details about DKIM integration as well as testing instructions in his post to the ubuntu-server mailing list. Check it out and help shaping a rock-solid Intrepid Ibex mail server.


2 Responses to “DKIM verification enabled by default in Ubuntu Server”

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  2. i’m interested in setting up a test server on hardy, is the DKIM integrated in the amavisd-new package on Scott’s PPA?

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