Mail server improvements for the Intrepid Ibex

Scott Kitterman, one of the Ubuntu Server mail experts, discussed during last UDS a couple of improvements that could be made in the mail server area during this release cycle. The outcome has been turned into blueprints so that we can track their progress through out the cycle.

DKIM support to amavisd-new by default

This blueprint aims at providing Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) verification and From based white listing support in the default amavisd-new configuration. It requires a small change in the default amavisd-new configuration and writing a couple of Main Inclusion Reports for the following packages:

  • libdigest-sha-perl
  • libnet-dns-perl
  • libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl
  • libmail-dkim-perl

Support Clamav and Spamassassin in Main

Anti-virus scanning and spam detection are two important components in a mail server. For that we have clamav and spamassassin . This specification describes the steps needed to get these two packages moved into the main repository. One aspect deals with some changes required in the packaging of clamav. The other is to write a number of Main Inclusion Reports for various packages.

Want to help ?

An important part of the work described above involves writing Main Inclusion Reports. The process is described in the Ubuntu developer wiki and centers around writing a Main Inclusion Report about the package outlining security history, bug status and standard compliance.

Interested ? Then grab a package from the list mentionned in the specifications above and write up its Main Inclusion Report. And by october you’ll be able to say that you’ve contributed in shaping an intrepid mail server.


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