Fine merges from the Ubuntu Server Team

So you’ve started to work on some packaging issues ? Already have a couple of patches uploaded in Ubuntu ? Want to fine tune your knowledge in that area and wonder what this Merging buzz is all about ? I’ve read through the list of merges and selected a couple of them that should not be too difficult to do.

All related to the Ubuntu Server area here is a selection of fine merges from the universe repository:

If you run out of merges there are more listed on the Ubuntu Server Team roadmap. And if that resource gets also depleted there is the big list of merges with hundreds of them waiting for your packaging thirst – be warned though that some of these require advanced skills.

To help you during your quest I’d suggest to look at the Merging page which outlines the process to follow when doing a merge. If you ever get lost drop by the #ubuntu-motu IRC channel on Freenode – plenty of experienced developers are available to help you out.


2 Responses to “Fine merges from the Ubuntu Server Team”

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  2. […] 23 June 2008 Ubuntu Server For those of you that wonder how I’ve put up the list of fine merges from the Ubuntu Server team, I’ll shed some light on the process I’ve followed. […]

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